For Food Truck Company we build Food Trucks on a regular basis for a wide variety of clients, many of them abroad.

Clipper tea is a delicious tea! you know that once you have tasted it. Moreover Clipper tea is completely organic and fair trade. English double- decker buses with the message “We are Clipper tea” tour the city centres of the Netherlands and allow everyone to taste the may flavours of tea on board.

For Mars International we drove all the way to Cannes in France to present Skittles at the Tax Free World Exhibition. This striking bus took guests from the hotel to the Palais du Festival and toured on the boulevard of Cannes. Talking about standing out! The bus driver was almost blinded by the many pictures taken of the Skittles bus.

For Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden we visit various highschools in the North of the Netherlands with the ‘Studie-choice-bus’. On board future students get all the information they need on what Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden has to offer.

FNV trade union toured the Netherlands in the summer months to inform seasonal workers about their rights and obligations. The mobile information centre checked payslips and questions were answered.

Friesland Food launched its new Cool Best packaging and flavours to its trading partners in a ‘cool’ equipped Airstream. Guests sampled the new flavours and were presented with the extensive range of products illustrated with life-size displays and an AV-presentation.

GSUS industry toured for almost two months with a styled bus with the latest clothing collection through Germany. Prior arrangements were made with the customers so that they could have a (private) visit on location. A perfect opportunity to create an intensive moment of contact with the German customers.

Holland Casino toured the province of Limburg with an experience bus. Message to the public: A visit to Holland Casino Venlo is a complete night out. Dining- going out- dancing- playing the tables. The striking Greyhound bus was converted so that all the required facilities translating to a complete night out were present.

The Youth Unemployment Task Force in coöperation with the Ministry of OCW executed the campaign ‘You should be able to choose’. One component of the campaign was the tour to 14 places where deans of High Schools were visited.

Leaf Holland toured for two months with a styled Airstream combination to launch its new product Red Band Truly to its partners. Red Band Truly is a new line of fruit gums with less sugar and uses fruit juices. During the tour the theme ‘breaking news’ was used.

After the successful tour ’15 years on the road’ the CliniClowns bus was, after a thorough restyling, prolonged for another two years. The interactive bus (which could laugh and shake its belly) toured the Netherlands to show that the CliniClowns do a lot more than visit sick children in hospitals.

The case: Present a new chocolate product in a comfortable setting on location. Streamline took the atmosphere of the new product as a starting point and built an interior around it. For the interviews we realised two sofas in the form of the logo, the presentation were took place in a cinema setting.

CWI in cooperation with UWV and several local districts toured to match employers to jobseekers. Advisors from CWI and UWW, as well as reintegration coaches, were present on the bus to, with the aid of competency test skills, map out the talents of the job seekers.

For three years ERA toured the Netherlands and visited almost all villages, towns and cities, which have an ERA estate agent. The moving estate agent had all technical provision imaginable and a tailor-made interior. During the tour the entertainment and promotional staff made enough ‘ noise to attract the attention of the public.

The client toured different places following the release of the new skateboarding game ‘Skate’ with a bus completely dominated by the ‘skating experience’ for several months. On the bus people could immediately try out the new game ‘Skate’ in five different places.

Rio Mare toured with an Airstream in Mediterranean atmosphere to the purchasers of its trading partners to introduce the product line of Rio Mare Tuna. The Airstream was converted into a professional kitchen where chef entertainer served the guests tasty appetizers in an entertaining way on board.

In the run up to the elections RTV Utrecht (a local TV Station) toured with the newspaper AD and The Utrechts Nieuwsblad, on the voting bus the province of Utrecht. From the bus a daily radio was presented in which various political guests and prominent residents could speak their minds.

United Retail, formula administrators of store chains such as Electro world, introduced a number of new products from the Philips Welness Line. Products could be seen and experienced on the bus. In this way the local establishment owners could decide which products they wanted to add to their range of products.

Streamline converted three school busses to ‘hop-on-hop-off’ busses for Tourist Bus Amsterdam. All three buses were provided with a full panoramic glass roof, which has two sliding parts to create a convertible sensation. In addition we developed GPS-guided tour system in 15 different languages.

For the purpose of the promotion of a new line of textbooks Noordhooff publishing visited secondary schools throughout the Netherlands. The new products were viewed by teachers and students. All the necessary multimedia and meeting facilities were present on the bus.

This welfare organisation for young people is looking for young people who need some encouragement to attend organised activities. The bus is the centre of all activities such as PCs, large screen and Nintendo’s. In addition a there is also an indoor and outdoor sound system.

Via Amsterdam is Dutch in short for Refferal, indication and advice in Amsterdam. Using the slogan ‘Every child on track’ a student following system was introduced to the boards of primary schools on a fitted promotional bus.

The city of Zwolle used a fitted promotional bus to invite the residents of the Diezenpoort district to think about the future of their neighbourhood. On the bus they could talk to city employees and deposit completed questionnaires in the ‘ballot box’. A successful interaction between the residents and the city.

T-Mobile toured for a month visiting resellers in a stylish Airstream caravan for a presentation and discussion about the commitment and the business partnership that T-Mobile can offer. The customers were pampered by a real-time cook who prepared the most delicious healthy meals on the spot.

Following the motto ‘Spice Up your career’ Rabobank visited Rabobank Connect events with a fashionable and hip promotional bus to draw attention to the many career opportunities that Rabobank has to offer to young people.

For Jägermeister an army truck was pimped to a DJ truck and was commissioned by MJRTOM. The DJ performs on an open, spinning cage construction. Three dancers dance on the non-slip top of the cage. The whole setup, audio system, lighting and accessories work on a self –suffient aggregate.

Depend, provider of an extensive range of absorbent products for light to moderate urine loss, toured pharmacies. Employees were informed about the new product line in a comfortable setting.

Apple wants students to become familiar with its products in a mobile apple store. The mobile store was built with an interior completely in accordance to the guidelines of Apple California. The exterior however wasn’t touched so that the yellow school bus left a clear link with the target group.

For several weeks Bottom Line toured with a promotional bus through the Benelux and visited 40 work relations. The various products and services of Bottom Line were presented. While travelling work continued on the large conference table on the bus.

The founders of 7causes wanted mobile, flexible workspaces. Streamline realized a full mobile office, built entirely according to plan and fully equipped with a toilet, pantry, moveable TV screen, work places and much much more. Watch the photo shoot on Flickr to get an impression of this complete mobile office.

Microsoft introduced a new line of hardware called Blue Track Technology. The line was first introduced to the trade press and afterwards to the major retailers. During the roadshow, the hardware could be tested and the people received information on the bus while enjoying a well looked after catering.

Boskalis used a promotional bus to introduce its new ‘QLE’ policy ( quality, labour and the environment) to their employees who work on several different project sites. Efficient and effective!

Two weeks prior to the start of the concert series ‘White Light’ by the Dutch singer Marco Borsato radio 538 focused on finding the ultimate Borasato connoisseur. The winner won an all-inclusive two-week stay in a fully converted airstream caravan.

Westland cheese specialties used an Airstream to inform retailers on the repositioning of Maaslander cheese. During three weeks Westland account mangers toured the whole of the Netherlands. The retailers were surprised with a breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack depending on the time of the visit which obviously all contained Maaslander cheese.

For the housing cooperation Woonwensen Streamline realised a mobile information point. Starting point was a well-developed set of requirements. This resulted in an eye-catching, completely furnished, small American School. The bus was driven by the employees of the housing cooperation.

The city of the Hague used a promotional bus to inform the public about the legislative owners association. At various locations a ‘information corner’ was set up in which the bus played a major part. Some of the things Streamline arranged included portable sanitation, a stage, catering, a bouncy castle and a sound system.

In cooperation with the police of Rotterdam information was given to the public in different districts aimed at preventing burglary. There was also an opportunity to meet and talk to several municipal workers and information leaflets were handed out.

One of the campaign of the WWF focused on the apes. As a part of this campaign the Ape bus was used and toured through the Netherlands. On the bus children were invited to make their own commercial. The Ape bus was launched in Zeist by the Dutch actress Carice van Houten.

Bouwfonds Development, a Dutch development fund company realises 7000 new homes a year and wants to show the public how Bouwfonds can improve in the field of housing and living. For that purpose Bouwfonds went to the public with their information bus.

Campina toured with a large trailer through the Netherlands in anticipation of their new advertising campaign for two months. Campina’s aim was to the present advertising campaigns aimed at enhancing its position.

For a month Fontys University toured several high schools to inform the students the study possibilities at Fontys and to invite them to the introduction days.

For two months Trias toured through the core of their business field, the triangle of the cities of Gorinchem – Dordrecht – Gouda to promote their health insurance. The bus visited a number of events in the region and could be found at busy locations various towns and cities to provide product information to the public.

This VIP- bus- cum- star restaurant – on wheels (with a fully equipped master kitchen) built for JRE Netherlands, tours through the whole of the Netherlands. Its goal is to provide healthy and delicious meals to children who are deprived socially, economically or culturally. Check out the extensive photo report and artist impression to get an impression of this extensive project.

The Orchid bus toured through Germany and visited branches of Debner GmbH ( a large German garden center): The goal: create awareness of the Debner brand and to increase the number of people visiting the garden centers. In and around the bus consumers were informed about the product range, films were viewed and products were purchased.

KPN (a Dutch telecom company) visited its largest partners to inform them on the new Personal Sim. In the vehicle presentations were given to groups of about ten people. A caterer took care of a complete lunch or high tea.

Every Dutch citizen can turn to the ‘legal desk’ to receive free legal advice. ‘The Legal Desk Bus’ toured through the Netherlands to inform the public on the possibilities of receiving immediate help concerning legal issues.

Crocs is the main sponsor of the European Beach Soccer League. For profiling during events that take place all over Europe and for meetings, launches, shop openings and training Streamline was commissioned by Crocs to create and design a striking, completely self-sufficient vehicle. which can be used a mobile showroom.

For the last couple of years Lensway has been touring the Netherlands daily with a mobile optician to offer customers a free eye test. This method fits in the vision of LensWay to create the possibility of wearing contact lenses and glasses in a simple, cheap and safe way. and is an offline supplement to the online services that LensWay already offers.

Pension fund ‘Zorg & Welzijn’ toured the Netherlands. On board several pension experts were present to inform customers on their current pension situation. Visitors were also able to participate in the retirement test and watch a short information film. On youtube the NOS news features an item on the Pesion bus.

With this tour Logitech wanted to inform consumer on the convenience of using an all-in-one remote. An Airstream caravan was transformed into a living room featuring a TV, DVD player and an audio set and consumers were invited in by a special promotion team in and around media stores.

The Japanese company Olympus let Streamline design a promotion bus in a Japanese lounge atmosphere, with gravel on the floor, printed cloths, bamboo, orchids and 100% Japanese catering. It was in this setting that a new line of cameras was presented. Per day, on average, four trading partners were visited throughout the Netherlands.

Hago conducted a nine weeks plea for sustainability in cleaning: fair cleaning. Amogst other things the ‘Cleaning bus’ was deployed. This bus toured buildings and events to come in contact with cleaners, clients, press and ambassadors.

Fifty mysterious green men in a green American school bus visited popular spots in Amsterdam. From a tucked away hip boutique to a tiny restaurant serving the best pizza. This marked the start of an European tour promoting and putting the new the new social app: ‘Whatser’ in the spotlight.

Nationale Nederlanden toured with the “Pension Bus” through the Netherlands. The bus visited all major cities and was seen an various beach location. On the bus people could let their pension type be determined with the help of a few simple tests. Retirement Experts were present on the bus to give information and concrete tips on how to build up a good pension.

ANWB Explorers is a club for children. The children call the shots!. The ANWB bought the Explorer bus at Streamline. With this bus groups of children tour around the Netherlands to test Zoos and amusement parks. Watch the video to see how the purchasing of the Explorer bus took place.

Coca- Cola was founded 125 years ago and this was celebrated throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. For three months two American school buses toured around these countries In these buses a selection of 125 years Coca Cola memorabilia was shown and visitors were treated to Coca-Cola

The Bus Stop Bakery is a pink bus that, filled with unique cupcakes, toured the Netherlands. Bus Stop Bakery is a ‘student company’ and arose from a collaboration between students from the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries and Rudolph van Veen a TV master chef. On YouTube you can watch an item from the show ‘Boulevard’ covering the bus.

The Regiobank believes in the power of personal services. To provide an even more personal service they use the Regiobank bus. All independent advisors can use the bus, for example at local events. In additionr the bus is placed, in the context of the ‘Summer Tour’ at large national events.

Havana Club toured with a promotional bus to their trading partners for two weeks to introduce the new Havana bottle. On the bus the guests were given an presentation on The Havana Club while enjoying a drink and of course fresh tapas.

For a Dutch RTL 4 TV programme Martijn Krabbe, the host of the show, accompanied by the designers Rudi & Pascal, went to a different street every week to create new interiors for three households. It was in the striking red school bus that the designs for the three households were created.

With a fitted Airsteam Caravan Copaco and Microsoft made an educational tour and visited their resellers where a two- hour demonstration was given on location. The demonstration focused mainly on the technical aspects but commercial aspects were also addressed.

Blackberry toured the Netherlands for several months to enthuse not only retailers and distributors but also consumers for the Blackberry 7 and presented 7 reasons why they should chose the blackberry 7. Have a look at the video to get an impression of the tour.

‘Wholemeal bread is special bread’. With this message, the NBC wanted to encourage the Dutch to opt for wholemeal bread. As part of this campaign the Wholemeal bus drove through the Netherlands to hand out wholemeal bread buns at train stations. The bus was also seen at large events throughout the Netherlands as well as in other countries.

For this foundation, which centres around helping youngsters, Streamline transformed a cool MCI coach to a bus for youngsters. The bus serves a mobile youth centre. On board these youngsters are invited to hang out, watch TV or DVDs, play video games or use a DJ Set. But they are also able to do their homework at a table, play board games with each other and catch up with the community workers.

Around the release date of the new game Borderlands the game bus, owned by 2K the game producer, toured to different Mediamarktets and Saturns, which are shops which sell video games, to allow people to play and test the game on board.

For the Efteling, the famous Dutch theme park, Streamline built four unique Food Trucks with the themes sandwiches, Beer & Sausages, Street Sweets and Schnitzel express. The Food Trucks are completely mobile and were also put in the vicinity of the Vonder Lake, where Europe’s largest water show can be seen.

For Tricorp, a manufacturer/wholesaler in the market of industrial and occupational clothing we built a mobile showroom. Tricorp opted for the most exclusive variant: an original Greyhound Scenicruiser, a model of which only 1001 were produced in the last century. This sturdy eye catcher is used by Tricorp itself and by its dealers.

Vodafone is touring with a combination of a mini school bus and an Airstream caravan throughout the Netherlands. Customers on board are introduced to Vodafone ‘home’ on board in a living room setting.

For Jack’s casino Streamline transformed an American school bus to a Casino bus. With a casino-look interior and a full Jack’s casino branding, this bus is used as an eye-catcher at events and as a shuttle bus between the various branches.

Commissioned by Food Truck company we built the Douwe Egberts Café-on-Wheels. A food Truck with a never-before-built construction.: One side and the rear of the bus opens and closes completely automatic. The striking corner serves as a counter and provides shelter for the customers. Watch the short film to get an impression of the effect.

Commissioned by Food Truck Company, we built a Food Truck for Michelin star chef cook Robert Kranenborg. Thrill Grill a Food Truck with a tough look, including a real wood burning oven on which organic burgers can be grilled. A huge success in and around the city of Amsterdam.

For Fortune coffee we built a very striking trailer. A challenge considering the desired ratio between the weight and usability of the trailer. The trailer allows different coffee machines to be demonstrated to the customers at various events.

‘Discover more Verkade!’ With this slogan Verkade toured past its distributors with a very special cookie jar: a fully –wrapped Airstream caravan for several weeks. Of course the famous Verkade girls were also present.